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Founded in 1976 in the island of Mallorca

CAROB S.A. was founded in 1976 in the island of Mallorca with the purpose of manufacturing and marketing Locust Bean Gum.

In 1996, the new plant was opened near the city of Palma. It was designed according to the most modern technology and following the HACCP and ISO requirements, in order to offer the maximum quality and the most competitive Locust Bean Gum.

The quality certification ISO 9001 and HACCP was obtained in the year 1999.
In 2015 we obtained the FSSC 22000 Certification for Food Security.

Our product is exported worldwide. Having a warehouse in Baltimore (USA) has helped us to develop a better distribution network and to become one of the most important LBG manufacturers in the world.


Our facilities, located in Mallorca, were renewed in 1996. We finished then our development and we got our Quality engagement with our customers: we have a total control in our production process. The factory only produces food gums: Locust Bean Gum.

Through all these years of experience, CAROB S.A. has developed its own technology.
This technology totally prevents the possibility of dioxine production, since the product is not submitted to a high temperature.
Our chemical procedure allows us to obtain higher viscosities, since it avoids the depolimeration of the gums during the manufacturing process. We offer to our customer the highest quality commitment obtaining a whiter gum and avoiding the seed from toasting during the peeling process.

In CAROB S.A. we respect the environment, due to the fact that all the residues generated by our Industry are returned to their natural origin, to be reused in a natural way:

-Husk remains: are reused as compost.
-Water: in 2014 we designed our new water treatment system; neutralizing and depuratingit and then returning into our water system.

Thanks to all these different factors we are able to offer our high quality product and are proud to be ‘green’ and environmentally friendly.


Our plant is located in Spain, but we export about 80% of our products worldwide. Having a warehouse in Baltimore has helped us to develop our market in the United States.


Quality raw material

Due to our strategic position in Mallorca and taking into account the fact that Spain is most important country for carob production, CAROB S.A. obtains high quality carob seeds mainly from Mallorca, from the rest of Spain and the Mediterranean coast. The key to producing the highest quality product is a rigorous selection of the raw material in its origin.

High quality product

CAROB S.A. has formed an experienced team in order to offer you the best service and products.

Since we have our own laboratory in the plant, the technical department will be pleased to give you their assistance on the use of Locust Bean Gum and other hydrocolloids.

Natural product

The raw material that we use grows in areas which are totally free from pesticides and other contaminants.

Moreover, we have adapted our manufacturing process in order to respect the environment, recycling all the waste products that derive from the industrial processing.





Locust Bean Gum is one of the most noble and well known food stabilizers used by the industry. CAROB S.A. has developed PALGUM®, a high quality Locust Bean Gum obtained from carefully selected carob seeds, dehusked and milled with the most advanced technology in natural gums.

Locust bean gum belongs to a hydrocolloids group known as galactomannan. It comes from the carob seed endosperm.

This seed consists of three different parts: husk, a central protein part (germ) and the endosperm from which the Locust Bean Gum is obtained. Its chemical structure (long mannose chain with galactose lateral chains residues in a ratio 1:4), gives the LBG a high thickening property, developing high viscosity solutions in water systems. It presents a unique synergism when it is combined with xanthan gum and with carrageenan, forming gels.

PALGUM® qualities

CAROB S.A. manufactures several Locust Bean Gum PALGUM® qualities with different viscosity, particle size and colour purity.

Furthermore, we can also manufacture a product with other special characteristics if it is required or different blends with Guar gum and Xanthan gum.

Besides these qualities, we can also offer you Petfood Grade or Industrial Grade Locust Bean Gum.

Since the month of November 2014, we are very proud of being able to manufacture Organic Palgum® LBG.

STANDARD Min. 2400 cps Normal
HIGH GRADE/LS Min. 2800 cps Normal
M100 Min. 2800 cps Fine
M200 Min. 2600 cps Very fine
M200/LS Min. 2800 cps Very fine


PALGUM® Locust Bean Gum





Locust Bean Gum has functional properties as thickener, stabilizer and gelling agent, creating a unique texture to a wide range of food systems.






Our Feed Grade Palgum PF-1000 with a minimum viscosity of 1.000cps, is our specific quality for pet food.


PALGUM® Locust Bean Gum

CAROB S.A. is FSSC22000 certified (Food Safety System Certification). Our main aim is to provide high quality and distinguished natural products, using specific high technology and working with an experienced production team.

The production quality control is done in our own fully equiped Lab. Our skilled Lab team constantly carry tests on real time the approve ourLBG quality.

Palgum® complies with the international food standards (Codex Alimentarius, JECFA, Food Chemical Codex, etc.). Furthermore, it is also approved by religious authorities (Kosher and Halal).


IFT 2019 (New Orleans, LA, June 2019)

Our Sales Director, Antonia Oliver, will be attending the IFT'19 in New Orleans, LA. The world's most important gathering of ingredient suppliers, distributors and buyers for the food & beverage industry. If you would like to arrange a meeting with her, please email:

CAROB S.A. received 'Cope Company of the Year 2015' Award


Celleters, 10
Pol. Industrial Marratxi
07141 - Mallorca
Tel: +34 971604480
Fax: +34 971604764

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